Shanon是2岁的母亲。成为一个 工作专业, she was 不 much active on social media earlier, but the last phase of pregnancy made her addicted to it. She had 不 much to do and hence, most of her time was spent either on 脸书 or Instagram. Earlier, she used to stalk new mothers and how they were spending their time. However, gradually stalking became a habit. The situation aggravated when she delivered. The more she checked out other people having fun on 脸书, the more she felt bad about her situation. She started thinking that she would be left out of fun if she is 不 able to match her steps with the world. This made her a prey of 产后抑郁。不仅她,她的女儿也面临后果。

Earlier, pregnancy and delivery was 不 quite taxing. With many families staying together, new mothers had lots of mental support. They could vent their feelings to other mothers, who in turn explained their phase and the hardships they faced during motherhood. Moreover, new mothers did 不 even get much time to rest due to the burden of work. This made pregnancy and delivery just a part and parcel of regular life. The most required thing that new mothers need is attention, 不 just physically but even socially. This thing is missing in today’一生中,当大多数人忙于社交媒体时,便会拥有一些时间。因此,产后抑郁症已成为现实。


1.考虑一下‘Real Picture’

如果要求您将婴儿的照片张贴在‘Facebook’,该帖子的内容是什么?大概跟她有关‘first smile’, her ‘first step’或她如何眨眼。您会在拿着相机时张贴她拉屎的照片吗?不用再想了,不。然后,您如何期望其他母亲发布有关悲伤的事情。社交媒体拥有真实人物的理想版本。当我们看到他们的照片时,看起来还不错。他们带着婴儿在世界各地漫游。他们的宝宝似乎正在吃着酒店提供的所有东西以及许多这样的好东西。但是,在滚动这些帐户时‘happy mothers’,新妈妈们并不了解自己的生活和所面临的困难。在这里,我并不是说您开始发现他们的生活方式中的缺点。这仅提醒您,生活不是完美的,比较会偷走当下的宝贵时刻。


Do you know everyone personally on your social media account? Most probably, you do 不. However, you are aware of everything that is happening in their lives. You might have just bumped into that pregnant lady while travelling in a train. You befriended her on 脸书 because you two had something in common. After this, you ‘friends’再也见不到。尽管如此,您仍然知道她所做的一切,吃的东西或看的东西。有时,有关某人的太多信息也会带来问题。您不应该更深入地研究他人的生活。保持最小滚动。但主要建议是‘not’ to befriend anyone or everyone you know, on 脸书. The limited 朋友们 will 不 fill your life with extra information, giving you extra time with your baby.


和你一样,你最好的朋友是新妈妈。前几天,她张贴了庆祝宝宝第一个月生日的照片。她的丈夫吃了蛋糕使她感到惊讶,他们都很开心(或者那个’是图片中显示的内容)。这件事使你对丈夫也有同样的期望。在你儿子上’s first ‘monthly’生日,你等着你的丈夫给你一个蛋糕来惊喜。什么都没发生。这是痛苦和悲伤的根本原因。此类事件可能会导致您产后抑郁。我知道故事的另一面。与一个月大的女儿分享蛋糕图片的朋友自己点了一个蛋糕,但将图片描述为‘surprise’。说啥?我记得高潮 ‘The Necklace’Guy de Maupassant的故事. Do 不 go by the ‘descriptions’ or the ‘happy pictures’ on the social media. You are 不 aware of the other side of their lives.

4. ‘Unfriend’那些贬低你的人

‘你和宝宝在照片上看起来很胖’ or ‘啊!产后痤疮!’ or ‘Your baby doesn’看起来不如你美丽’。当您张贴婴儿图片时,此类评论是如此普遍。而你的‘friends’会在图片下方的评论中说出好话,他们会亲自发消息给您‘honest’评论。首先,母亲怀孕后通常会增加体重。许多名人母亲也有。不要因为体重问题而感到困惑。当您分娩婴儿时,您的皮肤,头发,指甲和整体健康状况会在一个或多个层面上面临问题。最初,婴儿看起来并不完美。它们就像一朵以自己的步伐开花的芽。芽不能被称为‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’。因此,不要留意别人对您或您的孩子所说的话。所有这些都是使您陷入产后抑郁症的陷阱。

5.自我保健更重要‘Important’ Now

This precious time will never return. You will 不 be able to hug your baby as much as you do now. Indulging too much social media drains away your time and energy. Invest this time instead in your baby and self-care. Social media is quite addictive. If you plan to spend just 15 minutes, it turns into a pretty half an hour, without you realizing it. Stop staring at that small screen and grab some essential oils and massage your hair. Next day, warm some water and soak your feet. You could do so many things if you chuck social media on some days. If you do 不 want to indulge in taking care of your beauty, just sleep close to your baby. You will love this time. It even minimizes your anxiety and keeps you miles away from depression.


I am 不 asking you to chuck social media all together. But, I am advising you to do it consciously. Keep a tap on your feelings. Do 不 get over-excited or over-hurt by others’帖子。请记住,社交媒体是短暂的。如果你真的喜欢你朋友的照片’s baby, call her and enquire about her health. Plan a rendezvous and talk about your babies. There is 不hing like face-to-face chats. Happiness is just a call away. You can be the support system you expect from others. Be the ‘happy mother’您一直希望成为。